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Live Music Milongas

Social dancers themselves, Juan & Patricio have a special gift for taking their two guitars and voice and creating music that is «100% MILONGUERÍSIMO BAILABLE» (100% super milonga-appropriate danceable music). They are currently crafting exquisitely danceable sets from their six albums, especially from their last two: D’Arienzo en Guitarras (2022) and Moderno Trovador (2023).

Seated Concerts

Juan & Patricio also perform intimate, gorgeous seated concerts that can have a range of themes, including Argentine folkloric music, Argentine tango, Tango Music of Today, and more. Juan & Patricio speak English and can contextualize each piece and connect with the audience
seamlessly. They are comfortable playing in venues of all types and sizes, from gardens and living rooms, to theaters and concert halls. They love house concerts especially!

Villarreal Crom Peña:

A «peña» is the equivalent of a milonga for Argentine folkloric music and dance. The Villarreal Crom Peña takes the audience on a tour through the diverse and exquisite folkloric musics of Argentina. Ideally, this is combined with wine and empanadas. (Give the duo a kitchen and they can make the empanadas, or teach the guests to make empanadas!) This event may be combined with a basic chacarera lesson (given by the duo) or the organizer may hire a folkloric dancer to teach zamba, chacarera, gato, and other folk dances. The event also works perfectly as a seated concert, without a dance component. It’s also a great prequel to a milonga.


Patricio is a master puppeteer. He can weave puppetry into concerts
and workshops, or provide a stand-alone show for a tango audience or for a non-tango audience, for adults or for kids.


Dancing the Fundamental Sounds of Tango

A workshop for dancers, exploring different methods of approaching and interpreting tango music from the Golden Age through today.

Tango & The Guitar

The guitar is one of tango’s original instruments, from the first days of the genre. However, as the bandoneon rose in importance, the guitar declined. This workshop looks at the history of the guitar in tango, and the movement to bring it back, a movement of which Juan and Patricio are just one part.

V-Real Sessions

Juan’s DJ alter ego, V-Real, has one of the world’s most extensive collections of danceable new tango music. A V-Real Session can be a
workshop, a chat for DJs, or a practica or a milonga, in which a wide range of new tango compositions, arrangements and recordings can be presented, along with an introduction to these new artists who are carrying the art form we love into the future.

Musicality for Tango Dancers

A basic musicality workshop for dancers of all
levels. Includes live music examples, and movement exercises.

Masterclasses for Musicians

Masterclasses may focus on guitar or voice.
They may also include coaching for tango music ensembles, or coaching in the tango idiom for those who perform tango on any instrument.

Individual Instrument Lessons

Juan & Pato often give one-on-one lessons in guitar or voice. They can also provide instruction and coaching on tango arranging and composition.

Movies Screening


This film follows Patricio’s journey to understand and explain his passion for the guitar. Through meetings with different figures in Buenos Aires’ tango music scene, Crom explores the guitar’s imprint upon tango music, as well as its history and the myriad emotions it evokes. At the same time, two antique guitars—one the same as those that appeared in Carlos Gardel films, and the other an eleven-string Manjonmodel from the turn of the 20th century—are each restored by one of the best luthiers(a specialist in stringed instruments) in the world. Patricio meets and plays music with a handful of renowned contemporary tango guitarists, using these two restored instruments, and a singular album that pays homage to tango history is produced.Through Patricio’s quest to find the sounds of a time gone by in these restored instruments, the film exposes how the guitar and its music are channels for encounter—they elicit emotions, generate bonds, and create stories



Synopsis: At 80 years old, after a life as a teacher, NIDIA begins to study singing under the guidance of Juan Villarreal (32 years old) whom she conquers with her charisma, she begins to travel through different bars in Buenos Aires. She lives and sings with an intensity that moves everyone who knows her. She allows herself to put her personal stamp on everything, from her image to her relationship with the people around her. From that place, she begins to bond deeply with her partner on the road, who is the one who helps her to bring out from inside herself this character that she had hidden and shines.