Villarreal Crom

Juan Villarreal and Patricio Crom began their activity in 2010, playing tangos in milongas and clubs in  Buenos Aires city. From the beginning, the Villarreal Crom duo tried to find a unique aesthetic and style that, over the years and recordings, solidified the sound that characterizes them.

Today, they are one of the most recognized duos in the tango scene in Buenos Aires and the world, having embarked on countless tours across Latin America, Europe, and the United States. And having participated in numerous festivals and venues such as the CCK Symphonic Hall "Ballena Azul" in Buenos Aires, La Locura Tango Musik Festival in Innsbruck Austria, Lyon Tango Festival and Philadelphia Tango Festival among others.

They have released 5 albums: “De corte romántico (2012),” “Cinco otoños (2015),” “En la luna de Valencia (2017),” “D’Arienzo en guitarras (2022),” and their latest work “Moderno trovador (2023),” which consists entirely of their own compositions.

In 2022, they graced the cover of the renowned German magazine “Tangodanza,” the world’s most widely circulated tango magazine.